Irma Cardona

FAB (Face and Body) Art Shows and More 

The idea to create this company came about quite spontaneously headed up by face and body painter Irma Cardona and in attendance, a group of talented artists including world renowned Nick Wolfe. 

Irma has been hosting "Jams" where face and/or body painters gather together to practice their craft and collaborate with each other, for a number of years most times out of her own home. When she recently hosted a Nick Wolfe Workshop, she wanted to also host an open jam were any artists would be able to attend while Nick would offer his support.

This drove her to look for a venue large enough to be able to house the large number of artists and models plus all the painting gear. After being turned away from several venues due to the nature of the art and scheduling conflicts, Irma found a great spot. This sparked an explosion of brainstorming and what began as an idea of hosting a body painting jam, now evolved into hosting everything that is in her heart to do. FAB Art Shows and More was born.

In Irma's words, she will host "celebrations of creativity and art to promote the skills of local artists and world renowned face and body painters in the central Florida area... The events will be open to the public and artists can paint live models head to toe and also sell their art , canvas art work, jewelry, etc... and other products related to the industry."

Other artisans including balloon designers, caricaturists, magicians, jugglers, henna tattoo artist, ventriloquist, photographers and all kinds of entertainers are also welcome to participate and share their art in Irma's FAB Art Shows and More.

FAB Art Shows and More will continue the trend of engaging artists with the public and creating more awareness of the beautiful art of body painting. 

Irma Cardona's Background

Bachelor in Business Administration

December 1989


Computer Information System

Human Resources Administrations

University Of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras , PR

Master of Arts in Finance  

November 2005

Webster University, Orlando, FL


A Gift 4 U

Gift store Owner Est. May 2004

Smiles Face Painting

Owner/ Artist Est. Sept 2006

FAB Art Shows and More

Owner/ Artist Est. Feb 2017


FABAIC Face and Body Art International Convention

2013 First Place Face Painting Competition

2014 First Place Face Painting Competition

FAB Art Shows and More...

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